A Simple and Healthy Food Nutrition Guide

Due to the fast food culture that has taken over our food choices, it’s become quite of a challenge to be able to make smart food choices. Children and adults alike would rather prefer junk food over traditionally cooked food because of its simplicity in preparation, enhanced taste and instant gratification. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t take into consideration that nutritional value should be the most important thing that motivates the food choices and not just taste. If you’re one of those who constantly struggle with choosing nutritious food over mere junk, then here is a simple and healthy food nutrition guide that can help you get started on making that transition to healthier eating.

Make it a habit to read the label on your food packaging

The nutrition content displayed on food packaging is there as a guide for you.  To help you know the nutritional value of the foods you eat, but more importantly, the ingredients helps you know what you are putting in your body and what you are eat… Just by making it a constant habit to read what’s written on labels will help you get an idea of what you are putting in your body, and what types of food you should consume more and what types of food you should avoid.

Have at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables

On any food nutritional guide you will see that they have given an estimated average of what ones calorie intake should be per day. For instance, your daily calorie intake should be around 2095 which includes 50% carbohydrates, 34% fat, 15% protein and around 2% alcohol. The average man needs about 2500 calories a day and 2000 if he wants to lose weight. Women need about 2000 a day and 1600 if they wish to lose some weight.


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